Thursday, March 19, 2009

Other Cases of Teachers Acquitted in Molestation Charges (old cases)

Here are a few older cases involving teachers who were falsely accused.

In 1967 an African American male Biology teacher was acquitted of kissing and caressing a 16 yer old blonde girl in his office. The girl, 16 year old Susan Schaffner stated that the incident occurred during the 45 minute time period that she was in his office. Two other students testified that they had talked to Susan Schaffner during the same time period. Maurice Mcneil, 36, was the only Black teacher at the high school. The defense stated that the girl's reason for the false charges because she wanted revenge for Mr. Mcneill giving her the low grades. The Long Island School Board in the state of New York reinstated Mr. Mcneill to his teaching position after he was acquitted.

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